A new chapter for Research in Social Graph

I am happy to announce that GraphJS and Groupsville are sold. I thank Diego, CEO of RockContent, for his stewardship in the process and commitment to open source. GraphJS and Groupsville will still be available on Github under the same liberal MIT license.

As for Research in Social Graph, the company will continue to exist with its remaining set of assets that includes our open-source Pho Networks as well as the revamp of Grou.ps, which is coming up soon. I’m very excited about this new chapter of the company, and particularly Grou.ps.

Grou.ps has had a long history with four acquisitions (one by us, the other three the sale of our assets and/or IP), and it is a story of perseverance. The platform changed hands four times between three entities, first Grou.ps Inc, secondly Group Bilgi AS, then Grou.ps Inc. again and finally in 2018 Research in Social Graph, Corp to clean up its cap table and continue to innovate.

More will be made public on this unique set of events soon, but for the time being, stay tuned!

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