How to delete your Oculus linked Facebook account (OR MAYBE NOT!)

UPDATE: Read till the end; unfortunately Facebook doesn’t surprise, and this official solution they offer after several emails with their customer support team is actually a no-go!

This is a follow up to my recent tweet

I contacted Facebook on the issue and here’s their response

We can try and help you clear the current Oculus account from your Facebook account so you can merge it to your preferred Oculus account permanently.

Please confirm the account details so we can look into this:

What is the email and username of the other Oculus account?

Do you have a password set up on that account yet?

If you don’t have a password set up, please create one first by going through the “forgot password’ flow. Once a password is set up, we can try to unlink it from your Facebook account.

If you’re not sure what the other Oculus account is, please let us know what email addresses you might’ve used to sign up with and we can try to locate the account.

UPDATE: when you restart your Oculus with the new unlinked account, it gets stuck and you’re left with no choice but to hard-reset it. The problem is that the device then requires you to link your account with Facebook again 🤦‍♂️ So this was nothing but another deceit.

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