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Emre Barack Sokullu
2 min readAug 7, 2023

I am filled with excitement and pride to announce the release of my new book, “ Hikayesi,” a chronicle of the 15-year journey of Published by İkinci Adam Yayınları, the book is now available on shelves and e-commerce sites., which started its journey in California back in 2005, quickly became one of Turkey’s first internationally recognized internet services, reaching an astonishing 8 million unique visitors a month. Collaborations with major media companies like Viacom marked significant milestones in our story.

I penned this book after my semi-retirement at the age of 40. But “ Hikayesi” is not just the story of It’s also a reflection of my childhood journey into entrepreneurship. With contributions from Murat Kaya, the former chief editor of Digital Age magazine, this autobiographical work offers advice for entrepreneurs, insights into investment and acquisition processes, personal life dramas, and untold stories of from 2014 to 2020.

Here’s where you can get your copy:

  • D&R
  • BKM
  • Idefix
  • Kitapsepeti

Just look up my name.

Also in English on Amazon Kindle:

This book provides insights into our dreams and experiences in San Francisco and Istanbul, the impact of our story on the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem.

I hope you’ll like it.



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